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Kenyan school girls miss school at least one month every year, because they cannot afford sanitary towels to use during menstrual periods, making them more likely to drop out of school.

We also learnt that a good number of Kenyan girls did not know how to use sanitary pads

HSSM has started a program to visit and teach the girls in upper primary schools located in the rural areas in Kenya about menstrual hygiene management.

At HSSM we believe that girls should not to have to miss school because of their periods



In Kenya girls and women are faced by many challenges, which include unemployment. Marginalization, impediments in accessing essential facilities and services such as education and health care. Developing and implementing appropriate strategies, policies and programs to mitigate the risks and challenges that women and girls face must be much more of a priority

At HSSM the study program is aimed to help girls and women between the ages of 14 – 40years, who are not educated, employed, or come from poor back grounds. The training ensures that the students receive job already skills e.g. Jewelry and bead making, restaurant services, tailoring etc.

This initiative aims to connect people to opportunities by empowering them with proven practical solutions for employment and self-empowerment

HSSM offers skill training program:

• Practical and theoretical training by a qualified instructor

• Entrepreneurial and small business management training to prepare the trainees for self-employment

By helping girls and women on employability skills and providing them with a startup kit, we are helping solve the skill gap and unemployment problems that exist in our country. We believe that this initiative will transform lives and build communities.



HSSM sources stories from all over Kenya and/or beyond borders. Individuals from different backgrounds are able to share their stories. They are themed about life; entrepreneurship, health, parenthood, relationships, and so on. HSSM understands the scope of difficulties presented by the nature of the project and looks to the graces offered by the prospects of the rewarding result of such a project. HSSM understands that it is scary to share such stories. To admit to an experience that may elicit judgment, shame and/or rejection. The reasons for such a project are beyond personal, but have a global remunerative value. To educate, inspire and to raise awareness over issues not easily discussed. HSSM feels it is important to share inspiring stories so as to bring awareness on matters rarely addressed in society due to fear, stigma and so on. These stories once sourced and captured in Audio and/or Visual form are then distributed through Villages and areas of interest all over Rural Kenya. Sessions of viewing are held in villages across Kenya where additional stories are sourced from.

The media is also available on an online portal so anyone interested should be able to access the media for global empowerment.


Talent Search program identifies and assists individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in skill training and higher education. The program provides academic, career, and financial counseling to its participants. Talent Search also encourages persons who have no education background to learn and also use their skills to better themselves. The goal of Talent Search is to increase the number of youth to complete education and explore their talents and skills.

Talent Search program will help them identify their strengths and develop their future goals.

 Talent Search program provides the following;

 Financial, career and personal advising.

 Educational Trips.

 Exploration of Career and College Majors.

 Mentoring Program.

 Parent Workshops.

 Skill Development Workshops,

She stands, sanitary pads donations

We need your support to reach at least 10,000 school girls in the rural parts of Kenya from November 2018. MAKE A DIFFERENCE, DONATE

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