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HER STORY, SHE MATTERS is a Christian non-governmental organization trust foundation with its headquarters in Mombasa, Kenya. We focus on giving support to young girls and women who are less privileged, we give them hope by providing help to them through our partners, and we mentor them to fit into the society. Our main focus is on;

Health education

• Economic and Education empowerment

Community engagement

Kenyan women are faced by many challenges which include: unemployment, marginalization, impediments in accessing essential facilities and services such as education and health care. Developing and implementing appropriate strategies, policies and programs to mitigate the risks and challenges that girls and women face must be much more of a priority.


HSSM provides exposure and mentorship for girls and women who are less fortunate. HSSM mission is to be a leading network for women economic empowerment and innovations


HSSM strives to create a future in which all girls and women will contribute in all aspects of life, social, economic, cultural, political, civil To educate, inspire and empower young women to strive for excellence in all areas of their lives


 To create opportunities for girls and women to acquire skills throughout life,

 To enhance women employability and ability to adapt to change.

 To improve productivity and living standard of girls and women.

 Promote women employment in the industry of semi-skilled and skilled workers (skill training)

 To nurture God given talents.


 Encourage women to develop enterpreneurial skills which would make them self-independent and improve theirstandards of living.

 Bring awareness for gender equality

 Increase economic opportunities for women and girls living in marginalized areas especially rural areas in the industry of semi-skilled and skilled workers through mentorship program.

 To provide exposure to inspiring experiences through photography and film.

 To nurture talents of women and girls so as to help them become highly productive individuals, through use of their talents

Jubilee Insurance Building
First Floor, Room 10
Moi Avenue,Mombasa

Phone: +254 725 975200                                     +254 722 143988
P.O Box 2587-80100 Mombasa